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Sometimes Life is a Little Scary
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It's Nice to have a Big Brother to look after You!
The Right Stuff at the Right Time
Jesus wants to be your friend if you will let him. Invite him into your life.
Jesus came into this world to save those that are called. He gave his life a ransom so that we could have an eternal relationship with GOD. There is more to life than what we can see. Believe it.
Hello, my name is Bob.I have created this website to help those that wish to believe in a power higher than themselves. I believe in the God of the Bible. He helps me every single day to get through this life and be victorious. He is my friend and companion. If this is what you want, please feel free to explore my web pages. God bless you. Have fun.
"TALK to BOB" Ministries
Universal Freedom Organization, Jesus Saves
Eternal life, the truth, the way, is waiting. Will you choose it today. Bob has it. Why not you. God talked to him so that he could talk to you.
All Glory gained through this site goes to Jehovah.
Cut the Bull, get with the Program, the "TRUTH" is waiting.
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