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The night of the Hot Nite, trapped between two slides.

Two days later, after the cleanup.

August 11th, 2018 between 16:30 and 20:50. Arrived 16:30, big slides hit 16:50. Machines arrived 19:45. Got the word no one going ahead 20:48. Temperature dropped from 30 to 11 degrees Celsius. First part of conversation lost due to my tardiness in recording, as apparently my phone only keeps a maximum of 500 messages, lol. What's missing is my arrival at the area and texting Mom to call the Powers That Be that there was a slide approximately 10 kms east of Cache Creek on Hwy 1. At that time there was only a small one that did not totally reach across the road and could be traversed by going to the left shoulder . I stopped a few hundred feet past this point and put on my four way flashers to warn people as the sky had gone very dark and the slide was hard to see in the rain. Needless to say, things got a whole lot worse. I was thinking of retreating to the other side of this small one so people could better see me. If i had done so, i probably would have been hit by the hugh slide which covered the road five feet in places and was over 300 feet long. There were other slides that night west and south of Cache Creek. If i had not stopped, i would have been stuck in Cache Creek for at least the night and part of the next day, spoiling my plans to visit my cabin on the Shushwap to repair any problems that had cropped up since last summer, not to mention the experiences of the event. Sad to say, a woman was killed west of Cache Creek when a slide took her and her car as her husband was trying to lower the top on their convertible. How quickly it can all end. Thanks for listening, bob.

PS - The poles are 200 ft apart and there are 12 poles encompassing the total slide area. Also, one of the participants in the Hot Nite almost didn't come because he had heard there were going to be Thunderstorms in the afternoon, with hail. It was sunny and hot until around 2 pm, when the clouds started to roll in. On my way out of town, it was raining so hard, the car's tires actually hydroplaned with so much water on the road. It had slowed down by the time i reached the small slide, but the sky had become much darker. Even during this time, i could smell the smoke from the forest fires.

18:36 Mom: No wind. Then quite the rumble here (Edmonton)

18:36 Mom: Must have been close

18:36 Dad: Man, it was dark before the Storm, lite now

18:37 Dad: A nor easter

18:43 Dad: If it's like this in Kamster, the beer gardens are kaput. This doesn't compute

18:53 Dad: Wow, it's a good thing the slide in front of me didn't hit anyone, it's full of trees

18:54 Dad: And a motorcycle went by five minutes before

18:57 Dad: Got some pics. (smiley) Yes from inside the car

19:04 Dad: Could clear off, see blue sky to the south

19:08 Dad: There is seven of us trapped between the two slides, cool

19:08 Mom: Oh ya so cool

19:09 Dad: Can't buy this kind of entertainment

19:11 Dad: People must be taking hwy 8, a long detour, if it's not blocked too

19:13 Dad: Gonna be dark in two hours

19:19 Dad: Cache Creek is gunna be busy

19:27 Dad: They will have to get the traffic control people out too

19:28 Dad: Can't work without them

19:29 Mom: Oh what a mess

19:31 Dad: Gotta move back, the big boss is worried about my location, sheesh (Was told by the first two guys on the scene to move ahead as they were worried about a bank coming down, approximately an hour before. Raining hard and extremely windy, say 30 to 50 mph, at that time)

19:31 Dad: Couple of hours he says

19:34 Dad: He thought we would be going back, but now figures we will go ahead

19:37 Dad: Figured i had lots of time to get to Herbie's, har de har har

19:38 Mom: What a night

19:40 Dad: Against their orders

19:40 Dad: Some guy just cut in front of me, lol

19:44 Dad: Wind died down, rain easing off

19:46 Dad: Backhoe working behind us

19:48 Dad: 11 deg

20:32 Mom: Now what

20:34 Dad Done behind, moving ahead

20:35 Dad: It's a track hoe

20:42 Dad: And a pay loader

20:44 Mom: Still stuck there?

20:45 Dad: Four guys went back

20:48 Dad: Apparently the road is washed out ahead, have to go back.The machines are going black

20:48 Mom: Tommy worried about u

20:48 Dad: back

20:49 Dad: I'm out ta here. Triple O's

22:14 Mom: Back in kam?

22:16 Dad: Yes, finished supper, heading out for the night

22:16 Mom: Where

22:16 Dad: Usual place

22:17 Mom: Ok nite

22:17 Dad: Nite (smiley)

Aug 12, 07:40 Mom: Tree still up but chair knocked over...cool today

07:45 Dad: Okay, 13. Headed for the lake. Road still blocked, me thinks.

10:18 Mom: Need a pick me up. OFF to the Bay

10:19 Dad: Okay, met the new neighbour, need to touch up a bit, Windows.

10:21 Dad: Can't see Cooper Island, smoke. Apparently got the storm here.

Smoke from the forest fires limiting vision on the Ferry trip back from Vancouver Island.